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Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Minot Adventure

**Some of you may have read most of this over at ScrapHappy101, but I did add some new details in here for you!**

We left Thursday morning, almost on time, thanks to my WONDERFUL boss being his usual 15 mintues late. We got some breakfast in a drive-thru on the road, and Matt being the gem that he is drove the first part of the trip so that I could try and get some sleep. He ended up driving all the way to Williston, ND! I drove the rest ofthe way into Minot. We made pretty good time - about 9 hours of driving, plus the hour time change. Hunter & Gabby were very cooperative, however, to achieve this cooperation, Hunter watched Monsters, Inc. 4 times BACK TO BACK. Ugh. I like that movie, but not that much! LOL

Matt's new niece Sierra is TOO cute! The pics don't do her justice. I knew I missed Hunter being at the stage, but I didn't realize how much until I spent the weekend holding and cooing at this little bundle of cute! LOL Matt was enamored with her, too but kept shooting me looks that said "Don't get any ideas!" LOL

Matt's nephew/godson Wyatt is growing up too fast! He'll be 10 this December, and the little booger is already almost as tall as I am. He is such a sweet boy, too. We made him a gift bag so that he wouldn't feel left out by all the gifts we brought for the baby, and his favorite thing in there was the scarf I crocheted for him. At one point he was wearing it as a belt! As hard as it is to believe that he is almost 10, it is at the same hard to believe that he is ONLY almost 10. We spent most of the nights that we were there playing Texas Hold 'Em Poker, and boy, he is pretty good! It's absolutely adorable to watch him bet - most of the time he was basing it off trying to make his stacks of chips even! LOL

Keith and Brietta (Matt's brother & sister-in-law) were a blast to be with as always. I always have such fun with them! Keith has been like a brother to me since the day I met him, and that hasn't changed a bit. Brietta is just like a sister as well.

Matt's mom totally spoiled Brietta and me this weekend. She treated us to pedicures and manicures, plus bought us some new clothes. She just kept saying that we deserved it because we had given her two beautiful grandchildren. We thought it was more because we had taken two mischievous children off her hands, though! LOL

We went to this fabulous store that could have gotten me in a whole lot of debt, but I was able to use a little restraint! It was called Just For Me, and they sell oodles of designer handbags at super cheap prices. If you are ever in Minot, you HAVE to go! It's on South Main over an optometrist's office. Anyhoo, I got two handbags (a Kate Spade and a Prada) and a Prada wallet. Matt doesn't have a clue! LOL What he doesn't know, right? I just wish we had been able to stay in Minot awhile longer - the owner was on a buying trip in New York while we were there and who knows what fabulous goodies she might have brought back!

We left Monday afternoon. I always hate leaving Matt's family because they are so much fun, and so good to me, but hopefully we'll be able to see them all again soon. I drove the first shift this time. I wanted to switch with Matt in Glendive, MT, but he asked if I would mind driving into Miles City. I said it wasn't a big deal -why do I have to be so nice?? Literally 1 mile outside of Miles City I got pulled over by the Montana Highway Patrol for doing 85mph in a 75 mph zone. Ugh. I was being PASSED for cryin' out loud, yet he pulls ME over. So I had to pay $40 for the speeding ticket, and an additional $285 because I couldn't find my insurance card to show the nice officer. Matt thinks it's too funny because it was my first ticket ever and I was pissed that it was over something so stupid. I think the officer was trying to meet a quota or something because we stopped in Miles City to let Hunter and Gabby stretch their legs and when we got back on the freeway, he had someone else pulled over just past the onramp. Jerk. ;o)

Gotta love those gas prices, though. We ended up spending about$250 in gas to get there and back. The most we paid was $3.25 in Stanley, ND - the cheapest was $2.84 in Billings, MT.

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Michelle said...

what a time! Mine got a speeding ticket last night.. you share that honor this week.. lol Glad you enjoyed yourself so much.