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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Lousy Day - or Why I'm Jumping Out of My Skin

So today has really not been a good day.

It all started last night a little after midnight when a guy called to get a room. Turns out this guy is a complete nutjob. Between midnight and 6am, I logged over 30 calls from this guy. Calls 1-3 were mostly about the room, calls 4-30+ were about things that would be inappropriate to repeat for the Penthouse message board - let alone to repeat them here. We'll suffice it to say I heard more than I needed to, and I was offered money, lingerie, and drugs to be his "friend".
I finally called the police around 5am because I couldn't take it anymore. It wouldn't have been so bad, but I work out here ALL ALONE and he wanted to come out here. There were only a handful of people staying here last night, too. The police sent a sherriff's deputy out to talk to me and "luckily" he called while she was here and she told him to knock it off. The thing that scares me, though, is this guy was on and in possession of drugs and kept telling me that we should keep our conversations (if you could call them that) as "secrets between us".

After the sherriff's deputy talked to him, she left - and I had to sit here ALONE for another hour and a half, during which time I was petrified that he would come looking for me. My lovely boss makes me answer the phone using my name, so this guy knows that and where I am. Who's to stop him from calling or coming here and getting my address or phone number? Most of my co-workers are so brilliant they would give that info to anyone.

Anyway, the deputy is investigating to try and track this guy down. All we know for sure is the first name that he gave me and a cell phone number that may or may not be his. As soon as the Inn gets its phone bill, she is going to try to track him down based on the incoming calls. IF she can locate him, harassment charges are going to be filed.

When I got home from school today, I tried to go to sleep so that I could work tonight. I couldn't sleep. Everytime I closed my eyes I could here this bastard in my head. Plus, it seems everyone that has my phone number wanted to call today, so everytime the phone would ring I would nearly hyperventilate and pass out afraid it was him.

I'm really pissed that I've let this guy get to me like this. I told myself after the crap that happened to me when I was in high school that I would NEVER let myself be a victim again. Now here I am, petrified to be at work alone, terrified of the phone ringing, and feeling completely vulnerable and helpless.

As I type this, Jeremy, the bartender that works here, is sleeping in a room right over the front desk because he didn't want me to be here alone. He's ready to charge down here at a second's notice and kick some ass if need be. On one hand, that makes me feel really good, but on the other it makes me feel bad. I love that he is willing to do that for me, but I feel bad that I "making" him do it, ya know? In the end, I'm just grateful to have someone that is willing and able to have my back, though.

I really want to try and get some sleep, but I won't be home until after 12pm today. Jeremy offered to sit behind the desk here while I take a nap, but if I actually fall asleep, I'll be out for the rest of the night! Here's hoping today goes better than yesterday.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I sure hope things got better for you. What a scary thing to happen. I hope it NEVER happens again.