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Friday, June 30, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Music (I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace)

Every time we lie awake
After every hit we take
Every feeling that I get
But I haven’t missed you yet

Every roommate kept awake
By every sigh and scream we make
All the feelings that I get
But I still don't miss you yet

Only when I stop to think about it

I hate everything about you
Why do I love you
I hate everything about you
Why do I love you

Every time we lie awake
After every hit we take
Every feeling that I get
But I haven’t missed you yet

Only when I stop to think about it

I hate everything about you
Why do I love you
I hate everything about you
Why do I love you

Only when I stop to think
About you, I know
Only when you stop to think
About me, do you know

I hate everything about you
Why do I love you
You hate everything about me
Why do you love me

I hate
You hate
I hate
You love me

I hate everything about you
Why do I love you

Reason Number 9,732,601,485 Why I Hate Shopping at Wal-Mart: They SUCK.

Hunter & I went to Wal-Mart this past Saturday. Mind you, I rather loathe shopping at that store. I avoid it as much as humanly possible, especially on the weekends or during the prime senior citizen/soccer mom rush. As my luck would have it, though, I ended up going to Wal-Mart because I needed to get a photo enlarged and pick up a couple of grocery items for dinner, but I only wanted to make one stop. So I headed off to the ol' "Super Wal-Mart" (and I only use that term because it's on the sign...I'm working on a false advertising claim).

When Hunter & I got there, we took a look at the kiddie pools leaning up against the wall outside the door. Matt & I have talked a few times about getting one for Hunter, and he was asking me for one. So I told Hunter we could get one. We went into the store to take care of our other stuff. First, the customer usable photo computers were not working. So I couldn't get my enlargement made. Mind you, the little worker bees could have taken my disc, put it directly into the computer BEHIND the counter where the images from the customer computers and online orders go, and then filled my order, but when I suggested this to them they gave me a look like I had suggested they just empty the register into my purse. Whatever.

So Hunter and I head for the grocery section and grab our groceries. We go through the line, and have a zillion issues with paying. See, last time I returned some stuff to Wal-Mart, I was forced to put the return onto a Wal-Mart Shopping Card (long story...). So I tried to use that to pay. It wouldn't work. Cashier girl tries all her "tricks". Won't work. It's suggested that I obtained the card through nefarious means. I pull out the return receipt and jam it in her face. I'm past the point of being polite, mind you, I've been trying to pay for 10 minutes now. 2 "customer service managers" and 10 MORE minutes later, we're on our way.

Hunter & I stop to pick up his new pool. Of course, it's too big to go IN the cart, so it's kind of balancing on top with Hunter hiding underneath. And unlike when we went into the store it's now windy as all get out - not very conducive to carrying a pool when we're parked about 9.7 miles from the store. We finally get to the car and it would appear that the pool looked a lot smaller leaning up against the wall of the store than it now does leaning up against the back of my Durango. I come to the conclusion that there is no way that this pool is going to fit in there.

I tried calling Matt at home to have him come meet us in the truck, but he was outside working on the fence so he couldn't hear the phone. So I stood there in the parking lot weighing my options. I was tempted to just return it, but Hunter was SO excited about it. He was absolutely beaming at me. I couldn't break his little heart. So I called into the store (I'm sooo not hefting that thing the 9.7 miles back there) and explain my situation. I asked if they might be able to send out a cart attendant and some twine to assist me in tying this bad boy onto the roof. They said no problem, someone will be right out. 20 MINUTES AND 2 PHONE CALLS help arrived. In the form of a little (5'2"-ish), old (60s-ish) lady. *Insert raised eyebrows here* I had my doubts on how this is going to turn out.

She greeted me with, "You're the 4th person I've done this for today!". So I had my mental fingers crossed that she knew how to do this. We got the pool up on the roof and started tying it down. I managed to talk her into running the twine through the drain hole in the pool. She didn't think it was necessary, but she obliged me. *This will be important later* The lady proclaimed the pool secured and heads back towards the store. I got in the car and started driving away.

I took a right turn out of the parking lot and the pool immediately FELL OFF the driver's side of the car. "Look Mommy, my pool!" Hunter exclaimed. Oh. Freaking. Great. I immediately threw my hazard lights on and pulled off to the side of the road DRAGGING the pool next to us by the piece of twine I made her run through the pool. I hopped out and threw the pool back on top of the car so I could get on the safe side to pull it back down. I was PISSED. I got 40 yards away and that's all the better job this lady did. I was so glad that I talked her into running the twine through the pool or it would have ended up causing a major accident. As it turns out, the lady never really tied the was more like bunched up everywhere. Grrrrr.

So as I'm trying untangle this mess, a homeless guy approached me. Homeless folks tend to gravitate towards the Wal-Mart, because of the "park" Wal-Mart landscaped between the parking lot and the road. Now normally, I'd be like, whatever, but I'm a lot more cautious when I have Hunter with me. He offered to give me a hand, and after quickly assessing him, I accepted. After all, I needed the help, and no one else was stopping to offer. Steve (that was his name) was a tremendous help. Turns out Homeless Steve used to be Navy Steve. And Navy Steve knows a little something about knots. He helped me strap that pool down so well, it didn't move a millimeter on the way home. In fact, Matt had to get a knife and CUT IT DOWN from the top of the car. LOL I was so grateful that he came over to help. Hunter was grateful, too!

*Sigh* I hate Wal-Mart.

Monday, June 26, 2006

New Blogthings!

What Your Soul Really Looks Like
You are a wanderer. You constantly long for a new adventure, challenge, or eve a completely different life.
You are not a very grounded person. You prefer dreams to reality. For you, it's all about possibilities.
You see yourself with pretty objective eyes. How you view yourself is almost exactly how other people view you.
Your near future is all about change, but in very small steps. The end of the journey looks far, but it's much closer than you realize.
For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.

You Are 65% Indie

You're a very indie person, and admit it, you look down a little on people who strive to be normal.
You'll indulge in a little mainstream pop culture every now and then. But for you, anything not indie is a guilty pleasure!

You Are Rum

You're the life of the party, and a total flirt
You are also pretty picky about what you drink
Only the finest labels and best mixed cocktails will do
Except if you're dieting - then it's Diet Coke and Bicardi all the way

Your Body Image is 56% Unhealthy, 44% Healthy

You may think you have a normal body image, but you definitely don't.
While you may not have a serious problem, you obsess over your looks way too much.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Music (Take a Bow - Madonna)

Take a bow, the night is over
This masquerade is getting older
Light are low, the curtains down

There's no one here
[There's no one here, there's no one in the crowd]
Say your lines but do you feel them
Do you mean what you say when there's no one around
[no one around]
Watching you, watching me, one lonely star
[One lonely star you don't know who you are]

I've always been in love with you [always with you]
I guess you've always known it's true [you know it's true]
You took my love for granted, why oh why
The show is over, say good-bye

Say good-bye [bye bye], say good-bye

Make them laugh, it comes so easy
When you get to the part
Where you're breaking my heart
[breaking my heart]
Hide behind your smile, all the world loves a clown
[Just make 'em smile the whole world loves a clown]
Wish you well, I cannot stay
You deserve an award for the role that you played
[role that you played]
No more masquerade, you're one lonely star
[One lonely star and you don't know who you are]

I've always been in love with you [always with you]
I guess you've always known it's true [you know it's true]
You took my love for granted, why oh why
The show is over, say good-bye

I've always been in love with you [always with you]
I guess you've always known it's true [you know it's true]
You took my love for granted, why oh why
The show is over, say good-bye

Say good-bye [bye bye], say good-bye

All the world is a stage [world is a stage]
And everyone has their part [has their part]
But how was I to know which way the story'd go
How was I to know you'd break

[You'd break, you'd break, you'd break]
You'd break my heart

I've always been in love with you
[I've always been in love with you]
Guess you've always known
You took my love for granted, why oh why
The show is over, say good-bye

I've always been in love with you [always with you]
I guess you've always known it's true [you know it's true]
You took my love for granted, why oh why
The show is over, say good-bye

Say good-bye [bye bye], say good-bye
Say good-bye

More Quizzes :oP

Which Scrapbook Magazine Are You?

You are Creating Keepsakes! You are on the cutting edge of scrapbooking. You keep yourself up-to-date on all the latest techniques and products because scrapbooking is an artistic expression and you want to be aware of all your options. Heritage is important to you, and you want future generations to fully understand their heritage through your scrapbooks. Because heritage and heirlooms are priceless, you are willing to spend whatever it takes to get the perfect page, although a lot of times you end up making the finishing touches by hand and saving yourself a lot of money. While you hope that future generations will appreciate your scrapbooks, you are content just knowing that you have done all to preserve memory that you can.

What scrapbook company should you design for...?

JUNKITZ DESIGN TEAM!!You love fun and funky new embellishments and are not afraid to use a lot of them on your pages - always challenging your expectations and unzipping your imagination!

Monday, June 19, 2006

If You Can't Say Something Nice...Post Blogthings Instead

You Communicate With Your Ears

You love conversations, both as a listener and a talker.
What people say is important to you, and you're often most affected by words, not actions.
You love to hear complements from others. And when you're upset, you often talk to yourself.
Music is very important to you. It's difficult to find you without your iPod.

You Are 36% Sociopath

From time to time, you may be a bit troubled and a bit too charming for your own good.
It's likely that you're not a sociopath... just quite smart and a bit out of the mainstream!

Exotic Dancer Name Is...


Your Inner European is French!

Smart and sophisticated.
You have the best of everything - at least, *you* think so.

You Should Spend Your Summer in Europe

You're in to almost all forms of culture - art, music, architecture, food...
And spending a summer at the beach sounds pretty darn boring to you.
So head off to Europe, where you can have your tiramisu (and even eat it on the beach!)

Your Dosha is Vata

Creative and restless, you take in all of life's pleasures (maybe a little too much!).
You're quick witted and very talkative, but you also tend to have a spotty memory.
You tend to get very into ideas, people, and lifestyles... but only for a short time.
It's difficult to hold your attention, and you sometimes feel with what life has to offer.

With friends: You are very uncomfortable in new situations or with new people

In love: You fall in and out of love very easily

To achieve more balance: Live in a warm climate and spend some quiet time in nature

You Are 36% Obsessive

You tend to have a few obsessive thoughts, but you generally have them under control.
Sometimes your worries keep you up at night, though they usually don't interfere with your life.

You Are a Tiny Tease

You like to flirt and show off your body, but what confident woman doesn't.
You enjoy male attention, and you're usually pretty good at not leading men on.
However, there are times when you get carried away with your sexy behavior.
It's okay to use your amazing flirting powers for good - but never for evil!

You Are 53% Independent

Overall, you're a pretty independent woman. You don't follow trends just to fit in.
You've got your own cool thing going on, though you sometimes still care too much about what other's think.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

An Open Letter, Part 2...

So now I know. I don't understand, I don't know why, but I know. If I don't know the why or understand, what do I know, you ask? I'll tell you.

I know what it's like to have your heart ripped out of your chest while it's still beating. I know what it's like to feel like all the wind has been knocked out of you and the room around you is going all warm and dark. I know what it's like to question every word, every thought, and every action that has come from a loved one in the past. I know what it's like to spend the majority of your day wondering at what point things changed. I know what it's like to wake up in a cold sweat only to realize that the nightmare isn't just in your dreams - it's your LIFE.

I know that I hurt...and that you no longer appear to care.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

An Open Letter...

My dear Velveteen Rabbit,

I hope you realize that this song is for you. I hope you realize that what is happening now is fucking with my head. I hope you realize that you are tearing me apart. What happened to all the things that we said to each other? Did you mean them? I sure as hell meant it - every damn word. If you meant even just half, I can't believe that you would be acting this way.

37 days. 37 GODDAMN DAYS and 2 DOZEN voice mails. Are you that busy? Too busy for me? After all that we have been through, after all the shit that has gone down, you can't take even just 1 minute to make my phone ring? 1 minute to hit send on a "Really busy right now, but hope we can talk soon" email? Has everything come down to this? And why? For what? I have no idea why things are this way. I keep throwing balls in your court, but none ever seem to come back to me. We were doing so great, and now I've been torn down to a low I haven't been to in months. Since before the day I thought I was watching my world crash down around me. You know better than anyone how tiring it is to make everyone believe that you are fine even when you are in a full fucking freefall. There is a giant void in my soul right now...taking up the place that you filled. I'm freefalling into that void, and I've tried 24 times to pull the ripcord on my parachute, but it just won't open for me. You know, you can only try pulling the ripcord so many times before you eventually hit the ground, chute unopened. Are we going to find out the hard way how many times that is?

And the part that kills me? I still love you and think the world of you. Nothing will ever change that. You always have been, and always will be, both the easiest and hardest person to love. I just need you to be around. What happened to the person that said they wanted to get things straight so that they could be a reliable friend to me? The one who held my door open for me and escorted me across nighttime streets because they said that was how I deserved to be treated? I need that person back. Please come back.

Love always,

The one who got left behind

New Music (Where'd You Go? - Fort Minor)

Where'd you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone.

She said "Some days I feel like shit,
Some days I wanna quit, and just be normal for a bit,"
I don't understand why you have to always be gone,

I get along but the trips always feel so long,
And, I find myself trying to stay by the phone,
'Cause your voice always helps me to not feel so alone,
But I feel like an idiot, workin' my day around the call,

But when I pick up I don't have much to say,
So, I want you to know it's a little fucked up,
That I'm stuck here waitin', at times debatin',
Tellin' you that I've had it
with you and your career,
Me and the rest of the family here singing "Where'd you go?"

I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone.
Where'd you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone,
Please come back home...

You know the place where you used to live,
Used to barbecue up burgers and ribs,
Used to have a little party every Halloween with candy by the pile,
But now, you only stop by every once and a while,
Shit, I find myself just fillin' my time,
With anything to keep the thought of you from my mind,
I'm doin' fine, I plan to keep it that way,
You can call me if you find that you have something to say
And I'll tell you, I want you to know it's a little fucked up,
That I'm stuck here waitin', at times debatin',
Tellin' you that I've had it with you and your career,
Me and the rest of the family here singing "Where'd you go?"

I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone.
Where'd you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone,
Please come back home...

I want you to know it's a little fucked up,
That I'm stuck here waitin',
no longer debatin',
Tired of sittin' and hatin' and makin' these excuses,
For why you're not around, and feeling so useless,
It seems one thing has been true all along,
You don't really know what you've got 'til it's gone,

I guess I've had it with you and your career,
When you come back I won't be here and you can sing it...

Where'd you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone.
Where'd you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone,
Please come back home...
Please come back home...
Please come back home...
Please come back home...
Please come back home...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Words to Think About

I believe-
that we don't have to change friends
if we understand that friends change.

I believe-
that no matter how good a friend is,
they're going to hurt you every once in a while
and you must forgive them for that.

I believe-
that true friendship continues to grow,
even over the longest distance.
Same goes for true love.

I believe-
that you can do something in an instant
that will give you heartache for life.

I believe-
that it's taking me a long time
to become the person I want to be.

I believe-
that you should always leave loved ones
with loving words. It may be the last
time you see them.

I believe-
that you can keep going
long after you can't.

I believe-
that we are responsible for what we do,
no matter how we feel.

I believe-
that either you control your attitude
or it controls you.

I believe-
that regardless of how hot and
steamy a relationship is at first,
the passion fades and there had
better be something else to take its place.

I believe-
that heroes are the people
who do what has to be done
when it needs to be done,
regardless of the consequences.

I believe-
that money is a lousy way of keeping score.

I believe-
that my best friend and I can do anything
or nothing and have the best time.

I believe-
that sometimes the people you expect
to kick you when you're down,
will be the ones to help you get back up.

I believe-
that sometimes when I'm angry
I have the right to be angry,
but that doesn't give me
the right to be cruel.

I believe-
that just because someone doesn't love
you the way you want them to doesn't
mean they don't love you with all they have.

I believe-
that maturity has more to do with
what types of experiences you've had
and what you've learned from them
and less to do with how many
birthdays you've celebrated.

I believe-
that it isn't always enough to be
forgiven by others. Sometimes you
have to learn to forgive yourself.

I believe-
that no matter how bad your
heart is broken the world doesn't stop for
your grief.

I believe-
that our background and circumstances
may have influenced who we are,
but we are responsible for who
we become.

I believe-
that just because two people argue,
it doesn't mean they don't love each other
And just because they don't argue,
it doesn't mean they do.

I believe-
that you shouldn't be so eager
to find out a secret.
It could change your life forever.

I believe-
that two people can look at the exact
same thing and see something totally different.

I believe-
that your life can be changed
in a matter of hours
by people who don't even know you.

I believe-
that even when you think you
have no more to give,
when a friend cries out to you
you will find the strength to help.

I believe-
that credentials on the wall
do not make you a decent human being.

I believe-
that the people you care about most in life
are taken from you too soon

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Save Conviction!

So I just figured out that NBC cancelled the best show to come out in ages! I'm so pissed. Conviction was restoring my faith in the people that put new shows on television. I've got every episode downloaded on my iPod...yes, I actually PAID $1.99 for each of 12 episodes. And I watch them alllll the time! So help me try to convince NBC to bring it back! Sign the petition!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Music! (Amazing - Aerosmith)

I kept the right ones out
And let the wrong ones in
Had an angel of mercy to see me through all my sins
There were times in my life
When I was goin' insane
Tryin' to walk through
The pain
When I lost my grip
And I hit the floor
Yeah,I thought I could leave but couldn't get out the door
I was so sick and tired
Of livin' a lie
I was wishin that I
Would die

It's Amazing
With the blink of an eye you finally see the light
It's Amazing
When the moment arrives that you know you'll be alright
It's Amazing
And I'm sayin' a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight

That one last shot's a Permanent Vacation
And how high can you fly with broken wings?
Life's a journey not a destination

And I just can't tell just what tomorrow brings

You have to learn to crawl
Before you learn to walk

But I just couldn't listen to all that righteous talk, oh yeah
I was out on the street,
Just tryin' to survive
Scratchin' to stay

Desperate hearts, desperate hearts

New Blogthings

You Belong in San Francisco

You crave an eclectic, urban environment. You're half California, half NYC.
You're open minded, tolerant, and secretly think you're the best.
People may dismiss you as a hippie, but you're also progressive, interesting, and rich!

You Are a Boxer Puppy

Energetic, playful and good with kids.
You've also got a wild spirit that can't be trained or tamed.

Your Love Style is Agape

You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner.
Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare.
You are willing to sacrfice your world for your sweetie.
Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you.
For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love.

You Are Vanilla Ice Cream

Your personality is anything but "vanilla"
You're a risk taker, who's up for anything new.
You go well with anyone and fit into any situation.

You are most compatible with rocky road ice cream.

Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino

Smooth and sweet, you fit in to almost any crowd. No one would suspect you of being a coffee tweaker!

You Are 28% Cynical

Generally you give people the benefit of the doubt. But there are exceptions.
You buy into many of the things that mainstream society believes, but you're not anybody's fool.

You Belong in 1966

If you scored...

1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.

1970 - 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all!

1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

Your Personality Is Like Cocaine

You're dynamic, brilliant, and alluring to those who don't know you.
Hyper and full of energy, you're usually the last one to leave a party.
Sometimes your sharp mind gets the better of you... you're a bit paranoid!

My California Adventure

Well, we made it through our vacation! It's always a crapshoot when your vacation involves 2 fourteen hour drives with a 3 year old. The drives went well, though. Here's the low down:

We ended up not leaving home until a little before 5pm by the time Matt got home from work, we got the house all shut up, and got out on the road. Hunter hadn't taken much of a nap that day, so he was starting to fall asleep by the time we got to West. We stopped there for dinner so that Hunter could sleep on a full tummy. He actually didn't end up going to sleep until after we stopped for gas in Blackfoot, ID. That was an amusing gas stop, too. LOL I took Hunter into the store to let him use the bathroom, and on our way out we ran into a guy that I used to work with at Pizza Hut. How random is that?! 300 miles from home in a small town in another state and you run into a guy you never even see in your own town - where both of you live. LOL Anyhoosie, we drove until we got to Boomtown where we stopped for breakfast. Hunter had a blast in the casino, he even won 15 cents! LOL He was so excited to watch 3 shiny nickels clink into the tray. We finally got to my mom's house just a bit before 9am.

Mom threw Hunter a dinosaur birthday party later that evening, and he had a blast. He loved seeing all the family he never gets to see and playing with my stepdad's nephews. He got lots of neat gifts to play with, too. It's still hard to believe that my baby is 3!

Matt & I went to San Francisco for 3 absolutely wonderful days. We saw everything we could possibly cram into that time. We stayed at a cute little boutique hotel in Cathedral Hill. The weather was gorgeous. Upper 50s-lower 60s with a nice breeze. The only bummer was we had scheduled to go out to Baker Beach on the 2nd day to take pics of the Golden Gate Bridge, but the bridge was nearly completely fogged in that day and the next. I kinda wish that we had gone the first day that we were there, but we had tickets to go out to Alcatraz that day. Oh's not like I'll never get out there again! LOL

So yeah, San Francisco: Day 1. I love going out to Alcatraz! The history, the preservation, the views, everything. Then we checked out The Cannery, Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman's Wharf, the Municipal Pier, Coit Tower, and North Beach. Can you believe in all the times I have been to San Francisco I have never been to Coit Tower? It was really neat. You can see the entire city from up there! We ate at a fairly new restaurant in North Beach, Mojitos. I was really excited to go there based on the reviews and such I had read, but I ended up really disappointed. It was supposed to be a tapas bar, but it turned out to be a bar that happened to have $2 appetizers. It also had incredibly lousy service. Lousy to the point that our total was $19.96 and we put a $20 bill in the check envelope and walked out.

San Francisco: Day 2. We got up early and went to Golden Gate Park, saw the Japanese Tea Gardens and the Conservatory of Flowers. There isn't a much more beautiful sight than the sight of mist floating through the trees in the park. I love it. We ate at this awesome Himalayan restaurant on Lombard near the Presidio called A Taste of the Himalayas. Totally awesome. Better than the reviews! Friendly, accomodating staff...we were waited on by the owner himself! He has an orphanage he started back in Nepal that he funds with the profits from the restaurant. Wonderful man. We hit the Presidio, Baker Beach, Haight, Alamo Sqaure (the park with that gorgeous row of Victorian houses that you see during the opening credits of the show Full House), and then had dinner at Citizen Cupcake. Also, somewhat of a disappointment. I had checked out their menu (from their own website) and already had my heart set on some things to eat and drink...only to find out that they don't make everything on the menu everyday, not mentioned at all on the website. Oh well, live and learn.

San Francisco: Day 3. We went through Chinatown, the Financial District, Nob Hill, and we relaxed in the park in front of Grace Cathedral. We ate lunch at this awesome dim dum restaurant in Chinatown, Y Ben House. It's not on the beaten tourist path through Chinatown, in fact, Matt & I were the people in the restaurant who were not Chinese! It's this huge room with lots of big round tables that seat 8-10 people. Your party is seated at whichever table has the space for you, which means you sit with complete strangers if you don't have a 8-10 person party. I thought that was really neat. Servers roll carts with all sorts of delicious goodies on them around and stop at each table. You just select what you want off the cart and the server stamps a number on your receipt. Matt & I got huge portions of chow mein and barbequed rice, a plate with 3 large pork buns, and a plate with 4 little lemon custard tarts. Total cost, with tax? $11.70. Incredible. The sucky part was we were supposed to get on the 2:50 Amtrak bus to meet the 3:40 train...and we weren't picked up. We were at the stop and 3, count them 3, buses drove right past us without stopping. I was pissed! We could always catch the next bus, but the point was that only the 3:40 train went all the way to Rocklin. All the other trains stopped in Sacramento, and then we took a bus the rest of the way. Matt & I REALLY wanted Hunter to be able to see that big train roll up and stop just for him to let his Mommy & Daddy get off of it. Oh well, I guess there is always the next time.

I ended up getting a surprise bridal shower thrown for me by my mom and sisters. I was incredibly surprised! It was cool. I had no idea that it was coming. Lots of delicious desserts, fun games, and some really thoughtful gifts.

Ash's graduation went well, too. It was at 9:30am, lasted about an hour and a half, and I got completely fried. I even put sunscreen on! I don't know why I bothered with it at all. LOL Oh well.

All in all, we had a great time. We got to hang out with our friends Brook & Scott a couple different nights, having drinks and playing pool. I can't wait until we can hang out with them again. They're coming out for the wedding, so it should be fun.

It's nice to be back to get back into the swing of things!