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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Please Help

Recently, my dear friend Adam told me some devastating news. His 3 year old daughter, Indigo, was flown to Denver for emergency surgery to remove a stage 2 Wilms Tumor on her left kidney. The surgeons had to take her kidney, too, as it was destroyed by the tumor. As you can imagine the costs associated with cancer treatment are not cheap, and unfortunately, these costs will not be covered by Indigo's insurance. Right now, Adam and his wife Carri are looking at owing well over $200,000 to cover Indigo's treatments.

Right now, the family is hosting a fundraiser to help cover the astronomical costs that this wonderful family is facing. I know that it is the holidays and that money is tight for everyone, but Indigo and her family need our help. Even if you could just spare $5, it would help. Think about it, $5 is a drink at Starbucks or this week's issue of People magazine. If you can donate please click on the "Help Indigo" banner at the top of this post or go to From there, you can read Indigo's story and donate via Paypal with your credit or debit card. If you would prefer to send a check or money order, you can either contact me or contact's administrator Adam Callen ( to find out how that can be done. 100% of all donations received will be given directly to Adam, Carri & Indigo.

We all have a special child in our lives, whether they are our child, a grandchild, a niece or nephew, or just someone special to us that we could not imagine living without. Please help us help Indigo.

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