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Friday, November 03, 2006

Jen's Seattle Adventure - Friday

So I got up bright and early this morning to head over to the convention center to get registered for CKC and pick up my class tickets. Of course, it's raining, so I trudge 2 blocks through the rain. This wouldn't be terrible since I have an umbrella, but with the construction I have to cross the same street 3 different times! LOL It's was bizarre. Essentially, from the hotel I wnt to the end of the block, crossed to the west side, then to the south side, then back to the east side, went to the end of that block, then crossed back to the west side. Oy! LOL

My first class was at 8:30 and it was called My Son's Hand, sponsered by Quick Quotes. We made the most adorable explosion book! So, so cute.

After the class, I went down to the vendor faire and bought some goodies. I got some canvases to make some more explosion books for Christmas gifts, some Cat's Eye Chalks, and other little odds and ends. I also went around and collected all my freebies! LOL Afterwards, I went back upstairs to where the classes where being held to chill with a snack and listen to my favorite podcast on my iPod until my next class. While I was there, I met two great girls, Christy & Taraleigh, from Canada, eh. It turned out that Christy was going to be in my class, and we totally hit it off. So she & I hung out during the class and we made plans for all 3 of us to hang out at the crop later that night. Funnily enough, we were all staying at the Paragon Hotel, just a few rooms apart!
My next class was another one sponsered by Quick Quotes called, Forever My Son. We made 3 layouts, and boy oh boy did we BOOK! Christy and I were dying laughing because we kept cracking jokes about how we should have done some calistetics to warm up! The layouts were way cute, though.

My last class of the day was Canned Memories II, sponsored by Boxer Productions. We made an adorable mint tin accordian album. I made mine to highlight pictures every month of 2007.

Finally, I hit the crop and had a blast with my new friends. I didn't win any of the door prizes, but that was okay. Here's what I did at the crop:


Cami said...

OMG!!! I totally love all your scrappy stuffs!
looks like those fold out books are making a come back. I've heard the called several other names, my cousin did one many moons ago and showed me how to do them. I made a template but never completed it. I totally love yours with the updated look and papers!
I'm glad ya had a fab time!

Tanya said...

Awesome projects, Jen! And very cool that you met up with some fun people!