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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

100 More Random Thoughts...

*Nothing beats the feeling of sliding your feet into new socks. Nothing. And I don't mean socks that just got washed...I mean never worn, fresh from the package socks.
*What's with boys in really skinny jeans? I mean seriously. IT'S NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR YOU. It wasn't a good look back in the early 90s, either.
*People who pronounce Nevada Nev-AH-da drive me insane. There is no reason to be all pretentious. The only things anyone likes in Nevada are Reno & Vegas anyways. There are reasons that nuclear tests have been performed there.
*Uggs are ugly. Especially with shorts. They're meant to be a winter shoe, people. If it's warm enough for shorts, it's not cold enough for Uggs. Work on that.
*I love Vh1. No really. Who else is bringing us the 100 Greatest Songs of the 80s and 40 Greatest Metal Songs? NO ONE. God bless you, Vh1. Keep 'em coming!
*I played the flute in elementary school. My friend Brianne and I learned more songs than anyone in our class and were so proud of ourselves. One day our teacher insinuated that we weren't any good. So we quit. LOL That totally showed her.
*I've always dabbled in writing. When I was 10, I started a children's picture book series. Then when I was 11 I started writing my "Parent's Guide to Children's Literature". I'm pretty sure I still have those manuscripts around somewhere.
*Toad the Wet Sprocket was one of the most underrated bands of the 90s. I love them, and I still rock out to them on my iPod. Ahhh, the good old days of alternative....
*Adults who wear Looney Tunes or other cartoon-related clothing and/or gear disturb me. It's not cool people. So not cool. Please stop.
*I'm way unashamed of my eclectic musical tastes. I still rock out to New Kids on the Block when the mood so strikes me. Like today in the dark room. It's been suggested by some of the other photo students that something is not right with me. Sounds like jealousy to me!

*I've been able to buy booze since I was 17. We found a lovely convenience store clerk who rarely, if ever, checked IDs. Good ol' Paco. One day Paco wasn't at the counter anymore. I'm guessing he got fired. LOL I can't imagine why that might be....
*I first started reading Shakespeare in the 3rd grade. My teacher had me read it since I was classified as "gifted", and I read through all the chapter books in the classroom in record time. She was somewhat disappointed that I could read and comprehend Shakespeare in record time, too.
*I'm working on rediscovering myself. Maybe I might be able to like myself after all. I just have to find me first.
*21 Jumpstreet really was an excellent show. I've spent the past few nights at work working my way through the series on DVD again. It makes me so sad that it was cancelled. Watching it has almost made me like Richard Grieco. Almost.
*I'm way in love with The Fray right now. Their album has spoke to my soul and guided me through some troubled times. I would love to meet them.
*My iPod and iTunes are anal-retentively organized. No. Really. If my life were even HALF as organized as they are, I'd be President of the United States. Canada, too. Simultaneously.
*I'm still determined that I will teach myself French. To that end I found a lovely podcast intending to teach beginners like me how to speak French. C'est magnifique! I'll be able to parlez Francais with the best of them in no time at all.
*I've finally figured out the fascination with the text message - because I can sit in class and still talk to people, yet still look interested in the lecture! I'm guessing that this will not work in the Chemistry lab next semester.
*My Alex is better than your Alex. Hands down. My Elli is better than yours, too. Duh.
*If I hear one more person tell me that "Jesus is the reason for the season", I just might go homicidal. In the immortal words of Bill Lumburgh, "Ummm, yeaaaah....I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with you on that one..." Jesus may be the inspiration for the holiday, but the reason for the winter season has more to do with weather patterns and positioning of the globe and such. But thanks for trying to hijack something else to try and convince me to join your religion.

*My new great love is drum and bass music. Alex got me way hooked on it, and now I compulsively check iTunes to see if there is a new Hospital Records podcast that I can download.
*Take delight in the little things: laying in bed after you wake up and watching cartoons while you snuggle in your still-warm sheets, stopping and buying a lemonade from the little kid with the stand down the street, blow on a dandelion and make a wish without thinking about how you're spreading weeds.
*Is anyone else with me in thinking that Kevin Federline hasn't really sold 10,000 albums? I'm putting money on the idea that he sold 4 albums...and 9,996 albums to himself. Paid for with Britney's money.
*Being undermedicated has left me with a hair trigger. It doesn't take much to set me off these days. My biggest pet peeve at the moment? People who don't know how to drive. Especially in any weather other than sun. Good god. How is it that all these morons around here drive 80 mph on snow and ice through BLIZZARDS (and I ain't talkin' Dairy Queen there, kids), yet when it rains we are all doing 25 mph? Idgits. I'm surrounded by idgits.
*Whoever came up with the idea to put entire seasons of television shows on DVD was a freakin' genius. As a household, we have: All 5 seasons of 21 Jumpstreet, 2 seasons of Friends, 3 seasons of Will & Grace, 1 season of Dharma & Greg, 3 seasons of Full House, 8 seasons of the Simpsons, 2 seasons of Laguna Beach, 1 season of Charlie's Angels, 3 seasons of The Brady Bunch, 6 seasons of South Park, 1 season of Emergency!, 1 season of Dukes of Hazzard, 4 seasons of Family Guy, 1 season of Ren & Stimpy, 1 season of Tales From the Crypt, 1 season of The Muppet Show, 1 season of Punky Brewster, and 1 season of Spongebob Squarepants. Now they just need to get on releasing C.H.i.P.s. on DVD and I'll be thrilled.
*There's not much I dislike more than dealing with Jesus' pimps. I know it seems like I am "down" on religion, but that isn't exactly the case. If you have a religion that you believe in - great. More power to you, but leave me out of it. I don't want to be converted, I don't need to be saved, and we will never see eye-to-eye.
*Deodorant is one of those must have everyday things for me...and I wish that more people that I have classes with would find that as an essential item as well. The dark room isn't big enough for all of us plus your...ummmm...delightful scent.
*I follow astrology. No, that doesn't make me a whack job. If you actually read about it (and not just magazine horoscopes), it's eerily accurate.
*Gift giving holidays bring out the worst in my patience. I'm always so excited to see people open their gifts and to be able to see and feel the joy that I have been able to bring them that I can never wait to give them their presents! LOL Last year, I gave Matt one of his presents in October!
*On this season of Survivor, the longer the game went on, the hotter Ozzy got. He wasn't nearly as hot at the reunion show when he had put the weight he had lost back on. Does it make me a bad person that I wish he were still slightly emaciated?

*I don't do the whole "pee in the woods" thing. ain't happening. Therefore, when I camp I go to campgrounds that at have some rudimentary form of a bathroom.
*I also don't like to swim in bodies of water that I can't see through, i.e. - lakes and rivers and such. Sorry. I prefer to see what I'm swimming with, thanks!
*Ever since I was a kid I've wanted to be able to stop and start time like Evie on the television show out of this world.
*I can't sleep very well unless the door to the room is at least most of the way closed. And if it gets opened while I'm asleep? I'll wake up. Totally.
*There are too many people in the world that I miss. I wish that I could put all of those people on an island with me so that I could see them all the time.
*Christmas is a bittersweet time for me. On one hand, I love Christmas because I love all the decorations, the atmosphere, and being able to make people happy with the gifts I give them. But on the other, 9 days out 10 I can't control my depressions that tends to spiral out of control this time of year.
*If I had a million dollars that I could donate to charity, I would donate it to African AIDS and debt relief. One of the things that makes me absolutely batty is that more people don't CARE about what is happening to the people of Africa - or as I've taken to calling it, "You know, that big fucking land mass just south of Europe?" We can recite the weekend sports scores, we know what club Paris Hilton fell over drunk in last night, but we have no idea what is going on in Sudan. Open you eyes people!
*The fact that Little Miss Sunshine is almost out on DVD thrills me to absolutely no end. I can't wait to own that! Funniest. Movie. Ever.
*I carry a lot of hurt with me. I want to let go of the hurt, but I'm afraid that in order to let go I will have to let go of the person that put it there. And I'm trying so damn hard to keep him in my life. On nights like tonight (when I've drank enough to be honest with myself), I realize that it is a hugely one-sided relationship that hurts me more than it heals me. But I can't let him go - because it would be like letting myself go.
*When I finish writing my autobiography, it'll be titled it "Drowning Without Water" because that's how I feel most days of my life.

*The essential core of friendship for me is complete trust and honesty. Without those things, you have absolutely nothing.
*One thing I wish I could learn is how to let go. As I said before, I have this one relationship... 3 days a week I want it to work out and be better again, 3 days a week I wish I could move on, and 1 day a week I just want to cry because I don't know what I really truly want anymore.
*My son is my biggest accomplishment to date. Nothing I have ever done, and likely nothing I will ever do, can compare to having and raising my son. I know that every parent says this about their kids, but my son rules. Awesomest kid ever!
*Danny Bonaduce is my favorite train wreck. I totally DVR Breaking Bonaduce every week.
*I miss the ol' T.G.I.F. lineup from the old days. Full House at 8, Family Matters at 8:30, Step by Step at 9, and Hangin' with Mr. Cooper at 9:30. Good times, good times. Makes me wish I had a great reason to stay home on Fridays again!
*Although...American Idol will grace the television again next month...luckily, I'll be out of work, so I won't have anything in the way of all 12 nights a week that it's on.
*It's incredibly hard to come up with 100 amusing and/or insightful, yet random things. You should totally try it sometime.
*What is with drunk people and running up stairs? Um, hello? You aren't coordinated enough to walk on flat land, so what makes you think that running up a non-level surface is a great idea? It's happened at every wedding I've ever worked at the hotel, and my best friend used to do it, too. Strange, strange phenomena.
*Just because your wedding is in December, it doesn't mean you need to dress your bridesmaids up like Mrs. Claus. I call that "putting the 'ho' in holiday". Ya dig?
*If I hear one more person say, "This country was founded on Christian ideals - if you don't like it, leave" I will, in fact, be pushed over the homicidal ledge. This country was founded on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. If YOU don't like THAT, perhaps you are the one that needs to leave. Sorry. Religion is not one size fits all.

*Sometimes I narrate my life in my head while I'm going about my day. British accent optional. I'm not kidding.
*I absolutely abhor cleaning the bathrooms. I'd rather do the laundry. Speaking of which...I looooove laundromats.
*There is no reason to wear sensible librarian shoes with a slutty dress. We aren't fooled by them. We saw the dress.
*My boss is evil. I swear to god he's in training to take over the head asshole position in hell. I'll give him credit, though, he's doing a hell of a job with that training. He is an EXCELLENT asshole.
*I could really use a piece of cake right now. Seeing all the leftover cake from the wedding here at work should be constituted as cruel and unusual punishment.
*Sometimes I wish that before your heart fell in love with someone it figured out a risk analysis. Would totally save a lot of people a lot of trouble. I guess it would take the randomness out of life, though.
*It's amusing to think that Jordan and I are carrying on a conversation through Myspace. Why is that amusing? Because he's just across the building in the kitchen. We could talk in person, but it's such a long walk, ya know?
*I want a cigarette, but it's -7 degrees out...I'm so not going out there. I'm glad that I am such a dedicated smoker. Marlboro is totally going to go bankrupt if I ever quit.
*I'm a total procrastinator. Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now. Who's with me on that one?
*I so can't wait to be unemployed. Spring semester will go by so much more smoothly. And I'll even still get paid a bit!

*I only have 2 days off between now and January 7th. I'm so excited about that, I'm bursting with fruit flavor. Can you tell?
*I am wildly in love with The Fray right now. Seriously. I should probably just go marry them.
*I finally saw my first episode of Grey's Anatomy. No really. I haven't had ABC in about 2 years, so I'd never seen it. It was pretty good.
*I STILL do not see the fascination with Patrick Dempsey. When did everyone start thinking that he was hot exactly? Again, he was the nerd in Can't Buy Me Love. HE ALWAYS WILL BE!
*What is with people either outing celebrities or forcing them to out themselves. It's none of anyone's business. Just because Doogie is gay doesn't mean he can't act.
*I think this year I might actually make some New Year's Resolutions. Stay tuned as to whether or not I actually keep any that I make.
*I love getting my house all decorated for holidays, but sometimes I feel like it isn't worth all the hassle. If I didn't have a kid, I probably wouldn't do nearly as much.
*I read voraciously. I have over 600 books at home, and those are just the ones I actually want to read more than once. This is why no one likes to help me move.
*I pretty sure I love it when my job makes sense and the people in the other departments do their part correctly. I'm still waiting for this to happen at least once so that I can confirm this theory.
*So I have to buy a Mac for school...I would really like to hang myself. Do they even make Oregon Trail anymore?

*Raiders = Super Bowl XLII Champions. It's our time, damn it!
*The fact that the man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart and held her captive for 9 months has yet to be brought to justice infuriates the hell out of me. Make him take the medication he needs so that he can be declared fit to stand trial already. Shit.
*Money is the bane of my existance. I absolutely suck at all things financial. Matt's definitely in charge of that arena. I just need to be so rich that I don't need to worry about my checkbook balance.
*I categorically refuse to work in the food service industry ever, ever again. I spent the majority of my working years thus far in pizza, plus there was that Target Food Avenue/Taco Bell Express stint in there, and I just cannot do it any longer. I'll make an exception for a lucrative position as a Starbucks barista, though. Might as well subsidize the habit, eh?
*I loooove getting comments from my friends on Myspace. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and yes, I am aware of how big a dork that makes me sound.
*I'm still trying to figure out how it is that I get elected to solve everyone else's problems when I can't even solve my own. Apparently I rule at fixing other people. Too bad I can't seem to work any of that mojo on myself.
*I have absolutely no patience whatsoever. I find it to be highly overrated.
*I always manage to get the psychos and nutjobs at the hotel during my shifts. Like right now. So brilliant.
*Weird Al is so incredibly funny. Look no further than "White & Nerdy" or his "interview" with Kevin Federline. LOL It's good stuff I tell ya. You can see the interview on YouTube. Just search "weird al kevin federline". It's destined to be a classic!
*Alex makes working bearble. Since he's so far ahead of me on the whole time zone issue, I actually get to have him entertain me online for about half my shift. Provided he roll his arse out of bed at a reasonable hour and's not like I pay him or anything.

*The best book ever in the whole world is "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" by Laura Joffe Numeroff. Yes, I'm aware that happens to be a children's book, but it still rules.
*Why does Tom insist on being everyone's friend? I don't know you, Tom, and I really don't want to. And come off you really need 140,555,422 friends? I think not.
*Why must video game retailers always have to have such limited releases on new consoles? I really want a Wii, but there was no way in hell I was going to stand outside Target for 2 days in the snow in November in Montana. Why can't anyone ever release a system in, say, July?
*Vh1's bringing back the World Series of Pop Culture, only this time you can't enter online. And there isn't an audition place near me. I hate you Vh1. I hate you.
*I don't really hate you, Vh1. Really, I don't. I was just upset. You forgive me right? We're still on for another 100 Greatest Songs of the..., right?
*Did I mention how much I hate the fact that I have to buy a Mac? I did? Sorry. I'm obsessing just a bit. It does have a backlit keyboard with ambient light sensor and a built in webcam though...curse you Mac and your sleek functions! Why must you torment me so?!
*Hayley got to be in my favorite city yesterday, seeing two of my favorite attractions, eating at one of my favorite restaurants, and riding one of my favorite public transportation systems. I'd hate her, but she had to stay in Oakland. I think that makes us even.
*The best Punk'd ever was when they got Justin Timberlake. I laughed until I cried on that one. He called his mommy...classic!
*Perez Hilton has ceased to amuse me. It's not snarky anymore...he tends to cross the line to asshole lately. Oh well. I'll just ahve to come up with my own snark!
*I told Alex I wasn't going to make any more references to him, but what the hell: Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex. That will be all.

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a m y said...

continue spreading the word against the looney tunes wearing adults! we will be victorious!

and, yeah, this list could have been written by me. well, lots of it could have.