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I'm a 32 year old mother of 2 fantastic little boys, ages 5 and 10. I'm a retail lackey who dreams of running away to San Francisco where I'll live on my trust fund and take photographs of the city all day.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Me, Today...

{ feeling }

tired. longing. excitement for my trip. bored of work. wishing that things were somewhat different than what they are. proud of myself in regards to my photo work at school.

{ enjoying }

the quiet that is going on. the music on alex's myspace page. my photo class.

{ grateful for }

my husband and son and their unconditional love. reuniting with tyson. alex's unwavering support.

{ anticipating }

a wonderful trip to seattle. seeing hunter in his halloween costume trick-or-treating.

{ listening to }

marilyn manson. the soundtrack to rent. the fray. nickelback. hinder. cyantific. london elektricity.

{ reading }

running with scissors by augusten burroughs. coming of age in mississippi by anne moody.

{ wishing }

for internal peace. for a phone call from tyson. that jordan would come over and make me some food while i'm sitting here working. that love finds alex because he is the definition of an excellent human being. that i were in san francisco.

...what are you feeling / enjoying / grateful for / listening to / reading / wishing today?


Cami said...

oh my garsh totally forgot about your trip being this weekend. your probably already gone! Hope CKC is awesome!!!

Cami said...

I'm feeling tired, didn't sleep well last nite.
I'm enjoying reading this cute blog post of your yours
I'm grateful for my family
I'm listening to Snow Patrol
I'm reading what you typed &
I'm wishing my life was less chaotic...the stress is getting to me
btw...Love your new banner!