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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

100 Random Musings by Moi

On a lot of the blogs that I like to frequent, I've noticed a trend: namely, they all have a "100 Things" list on there somewhere. So in honor of these wonderful women and their fabulous blogs, here's 100 things that are keeping me up at night and asleep during class. Now you may just officially know more than you wanted to...

*I've come to realize that there are just some things in life that we will never why people think Uma Thurman is so gorgeous.
*I majorly {heart} public transportation systems. But not because it's all environmently happy. I just like them.
*I plan to set foot on every continent before I die. I'm currently taking donations to fund said adventure.
*I'm the only person I know that wants to visit the Middle East. I will one day go to Lebanon, damnit!
*If society weren't so narrow-minded, I'd stretch my ear lobe piercings to 2 gauge. I think they look neat.
*If I had a dollar for everytime my best friend made me cry in the past year, I wouldn't need to take donations for the aforementioned adventure to every continent. In fact, I could take you all with me.
*I have no tolerance for intolerant and ignorant people. Does this make me hypocritical? Maybe. Do I care? No.
*Some of the coolest people I know, I've never actually met. Alex, you know I'm talking about you!
*I have never found Tom Cruise to be that good-looking, same goes for Brad Pitt.
*Special K Red Berries makes me happy. So does Tazo Passion Tea.

*It drives me insane to listen to people talk about things that are so not any of their business. Like Tom Cruise and psychiatry. I defy him to tell me I can be fixed with vitamins and exercise. He'll walk away from the conversation with a face for radio.
*I put George W. Bush at the top of the list of the "Worst Things to Ever Happen to America".
*People who complain about the state of the world, but do nothing to make it better piss me off. So do people who don't vote.
*I will never totally get f-stops on my camera. But I can still take a pretty damn good picture, thank you very much!
*Mr. Gardner, my high school typing teacher, will be apalled to hear that I am mostly staring at the keys while I type this....yes, Mr. Gardner....I LIVE to shame my mama in this fashion.
*I cry every time I watch Rent and I get to the part where Angel dies. Sue me.
*I'm currently writing a novel.
*I'm a reality show junkie.
*I cannot stand bleu cheese - or any other cheese that smells that bad.
*Whenever someone wants to know the title of a song, I'm usually the first person they call.

*I'm a pop culture trivia phenom. No shit. Vh1 wouldn't let me on their show out of fear.
*I suck at cardinal ordinates...but I still have a pretty good sense of direction.
*I am amused by the people suing over seeing Janet Jackson's nipple during halftime of the Super Bowl because they were offended. Please, you practically had to stop frame to see what was going on. Does looking in the mirror after you get out of the shower offend you too?
*If I ever run into the freaks that belong to the Westboro Baptist Church (the lunatics protesting at soldiers' funerals, who also planned to protest outside the funerals of those poor Amish schoolgirls) I will, in fact, end up in jail. I won't regret it one bit, either.
*I still own clothing and accessories from high school. I still wear them, too.
*The Brady Bunch ruled. Still does.
*The cotton industry has it all wrong: polyester is the fabric of our lives. I'm thinking about starting a petition.
*I believe the world would be a better place if everyone stopped pushing their religions and moral values on others. We're all different - it doesn't make us more or less of a human being.
*I've never seen an episode of Desparate Housewives. I've never seen more than 5 minutes of Lost.
*Sleep is currently the most rewarding part of my day.

*The fact that radical groups are allowed to come protest on my college campus sickens me. I shouldn't have to put up with your freakish beliefs when I'm just trying to attend my classes that I am paying for. Especially since they aren't students themselves.
*If McDonald's did their annual Monopoly game any more frequently I would be destitue and weigh 700 pounds.
*The fact that UPS still uses the "What can brown do for you?" slogan (even after learning of it's drug reference) amuses me to no end.
*I hate that I can't just be sick to call into work. I need to be dying with the funeral home on standby. And even then it's not okay.
*NASCAR's popularity confounds me. May I suggest standing on a busy freeway overpass? At least then you'll see different cars during your wasted 4 hours.
*How is it that the Raiders can go 4-1 in the preseason, but can't manage to win a freakin' game once it matters?
*NBC is at the top of my television shit list for cancelling Conviction, the best show to come out last season. I haven't been this morally outraged since the cancellation of 21 Jumpstreet. Or Dharma & Greg.
*People who say things like, "It's 190 degrees out. Literally." Need to jump off a cliff. Literally.
*My husband is quite possibly the most wonderful man on the face of the earth. He rules.
*Jerry Falwell and his religious right cronies piss me off. I would pay good money to be able to call him an asshat to his face. Then kick him in the balls.

*I never understood why Seinfeld was so fabulous. I, mean, I enjoyed watching it, but I wasn't like "OMFG, this show rules!" Unlike Conviction.
*Little Miss Sunshine is quite possibly the coolest movie of the year. Everyone must watch it.
*I'm completely unashamed of my eclectic music tastes. You know you liked New Kids on the Block, too.
*Cadbury Creme Eggs are quite possibly the best seasonal candy ever. Ever.
*I think people who hit on me at clubs and/or compliment my looks are off their off their rockers. But it still makes me smile.
*I go to strip clubs with my male friends because they amuse me. That and they usually have bitchin' drink specials.
*Yes, I still use the word bitchin' while keeping a completely straight face.
*Organized religion freaks me out. I much prefer philosophies.
*The day I get my new laptop is the day you see me go "Michael Bolton" on the current one.
*Marilyn Manson is cool. Feel free to admit that.

*I reeeeally want a medium format camera.
*San Francisco is the best city in the country. NYC may give it a bit of a run for it's money, but San Francisco is totally where it's at.
*I'm not addicted to Myspace...but I am totally addicted to the fun little pictures you can leave for comments.
*Random people will tell me their deep dark secrets without me asking. I have never understood this.
*I once wanted 6 kids. Including a set of quadruplets. I wasn't on drugs at the time.
*French is such a cool language. I'm working on teaching myself.
*My friends are my family, and there is nothing I wouldn't do for them. Ask the aforementioned best friend. I've been to Hell and back for him.
*Being a Cancer totally rules. It can also be a major pain in the ass.
*Sebastian Bach is the closet thing to a god on earth. There really is no argument on that one. If you have any doubts, please refer down about 3 posts on the ol' blog here. I defy you to disagree.
*I wish the hair band would make a comeback. And disco. Then I wouldn't have to listen to all the crappy wannabe rappers anymore.

*Speaking of rap, have there even been any good rappers to come out of the past decade? Eminem. That's about it. Listen up, people! 50 CENT IS NOT RAP!!! HE IS HIP HOP AT BEST. And no matter how you slice it, he sucks. So there.
*My current favorite phrase is "I defy you to...(insert some action here)". I use it at least 4 or 5 times a day.
*I'm also partial to saying "Oy." I've more than once been asked if I'm Jewish. I'm not. I just happen to enjoy a few Yiddish colloquisms.
*Sometimes you just wanna say "I need a flare gun...and some flares." Really. You should try it sometime.
*I never wanted an iPod until last year. Now I can't live without it.
*Widgets are the coolest things ever.
*My in-laws totally rule. In fact, my husband's entire family kicks ass. Case in point: when my wedding officiant failed to show up at the wedding, one of Matt's aunts offered to kick him in the balls and/or key his car. I love you, Aunt Nan! LOL
*Another weird glitch in the cosmos: everyone jumping on the "How hot is Patrick Dempsey? Bandwagon". Where were all of you when he was the nerd in Can't Buy Me Love? Nowhere! And for the record I still don't see the attraction.
*Rob Zombie is fabulous. I saw a stripper once do a set to Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl" and Marilyn Manson's "This is the New Shit" She got a wonderful tip from me. Which in turn made my friend's eyes pop out of his head.
*People are often surprised to know that I have 6 tattoos. They go into shock when they hear I have at least 2 and a half more planned.

*I used be in band promotion when I lived in California. I worked with Papa Roach, Simon Says, Darwin's Waiting Room, Hoobastank, and Key to Arson. I really miss that!
*Local bands are where it's at. Bozeman has a pretty good local music scene. Some acts I hate to miss? Illsauce, The Clintons, and Eightrack Mind.
*I actually know all the people on my Myspace friends list. I don't whore my profile out for friends.
*I have cousins on my dad's side of the family that I have never met. But I have 3 of the cousins I have met on my Myspace list.
*I'm going to attempt to make all of our Christmas cards again this year. Yes, I AM, in fact, out of my mind. And yes, I have the backing of the medical community on that statement.
*We Cancers are family oriented. 9 of the people on my Myspace "Top 16" are either actual family members or people I consider to be family.
*Speaking of Cancers, whether you choose to believe it or not, astrology is not as bogus of a science as some would have you think.
*Kurt Cobain was a musical genius. But he IS dead, as are Tupac and Elvis.
*Loyalty is a huge thing for me. I won't hesitate to stand up to people to defend my friends' honor, and I will fight anyone who threatens them. I expect my friends to stand up for me, too.
*I'm so completely ADD that this list will take me a couple of days to finish.

*I believe that you should live life without regrets. The past made you who you are today. Why would you want to change that? Live and learn.
*Rent is officially my favorite movie of all-time. My next tattoo will incorporate the phrase "No Day But Today" in honor of that movie and my "No Regrets" philosophy.
*I know every line of dialogue from the movie Speed. I've been known to recite entire 5 minute chunks of it. I can do this because I've seen Speed 183 times.
*I can recite almost all of Act 2, Scene 2 of Romeo & Juliet. Holly & I memorized an ungodly amount of lines back in high school for freshman English. Thanks again Mr. Tooker!
*Alex rules the world. Even if he thinks that I am ancient.
*All these people running around wanting to boycott the French and call fries "freedom fries" can suck it. The French made Grey Goose. Grey Goose is the nectar of the gods. So again, I say: suck it.
*Nothing is better than curling up with a blanket and a good book on a rainy day. Unless it warm rain. Then nothing is better than going out and stomping in puddles on a rainy day.
*There are times when it's completely acceptable to just say "Fuck it." Even if your grandmother happens to be in the room. It's one of those times.
*My current fantasy is watching my work burn to the ground. As I was driving to work tonight, there was a fire near the building. From a distance, I thought my dreams had come true.
*If I were skinnier, I'd totally be a stripper. They make freaking bank. LOL It's all about the benjamins!

*Beck is waay underrated as a music artist. "Loser" was genius.
*I would love to live abroad for a couple of years. I think it would be an incredible experience for Hunter.
*I'm pretty sure I could spend a week in the Louvre. Just in the Impressionist section. I {heart} Impressionism.
*I take pride in having friends of all different backgrounds and interests. Life is too short to be boring vanilla in the great big ice cream stand of a world we live in.
*I am completely incapable of saving money.
*Intuition is something that everyone should pay more attention to. If you can't trust yourself and your judgment, you are in big trouble.
*I despise cottage cheese. The texture freaks me out like you wouldn't believe.
*Country music really should be outlawed. They're all the same whiny, twangy song.
*Spongebob Squarepants is an incredible wealthspring of valuable knowledge. Like what you ask? Never forget: When in doubt, pinkie out.

and finally...

*If you are going to give of yourself, do so COMPLETELY. If it doesn't work out, no one will be able to say that you could have done more.


Duh its me said...

Woah that was sick

very well done...

i like it...

good list...



Ellllliii said...

Gota love how many of those I agree with, haha.
Esp the stripper one!! I'm not anerixic enough. :( sad.

Cami said...

Quite possibly the best 100 list I've read yet! you Rock Jennners!

Shirley said...

Fantastic List, Jen.


Anita said...

Awesome list - best one I've ever seen! Totally agree on Nascar, Eminem, being a Cancer, "Oy" & disco!

Tanya said...

We are so alike... and so completely different. LOL Awesome list, Jen.