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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Be Grateful

So I've seen the link for this video on a number of different blogs now, but for some reason I did not watch it until now. Oh. My. God. That was so a bad idea to wait until I was at work to do that. Bawling like a baby is what I am now. And I'm looking UBER professional while I am doing so. It put so much into perspective for me. I may not have a lot, but I blessed to be free of major debilitating afflictions. There are days that my son might be out of control and I'm tearing my hair out, but like his father and I is blessed to be free of major debilitating afflictions, as well. Watching what lengths this father went to for his son, and seeing the affect he had on his son was nothing sort of awe-inspiring. He assists his son in participating in not only triathalons (including the Ironman), but half-marathons and other road races as well.

What the families of special needs children must have to go through and deal with on a daily basis...makes my son's abstinance from naps seem like nothing in the grand scheme of things. These families are true heroes. I just.... wow. I have so much running through my head that I can't even put the words onto the page.

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Michelle said...

they are something aren't they? I saw them on Oprah together.. I thought it was wonderful. How far will a parent go to give their child a life..some life at all.. would we all do it? could we?