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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Moving Along

Well, 8 hours from now I should be just finishing up my final final of the semester. Halle-freakin-ujah. This semester could not be over quicker for me. I am so losing my inspiration for school, but what can I do? Absolutely nothing. I need my degree. So I move along.

I've been sicker than sick since Tuesday. Yeah, nothing says "Yeah, baby!" like being mondo ill during finals week. I've had a migraine that feels like someone drove an icepick through my brain stem. Then, (faint of heart, skip to the next paragraph, because what I have to say next will definitely fall into the TMI category for you) I have been so violently ill I can barely walk 10 feet without getting winded. I have thrown up so violently that it made my eyebrow piercing BLEED. And not just like, "Oh, there's a drop of blood" bleed - I mean running down my face bleed. Lovely, eh? I'm so exhausted that I went to bed at 3pm Wednesday and slept until 12pm Thursday, waking up only to puke some more. Why in the world aren't I in bed now, you ask? Because I'm at work. Why in the world am I there? Because apparently no one can be inconvenienced to work for me. I'll remember that people. Karma's a real bitch. And so am I. But I move along.

I decided to throw my photography out for judgment, too. The University's gallery had a call for submissions for fall semester shows. I turn my portfolio in tomorrow. Hopefully. Part of the submission packet requires me to write an artist's statement. At first, I had no idea what in the heck that meant, so I asked Tyson - my "art connection". LOL Apparently, all it really is is just a statement about your work, what it means, etc. In other words, I need to speak positively about my stuff. Fat freakin' chance. I'm so not able to do that. About anything I do. Tyson said he would write it for me, though. Such a sweetheart! Only problem is, he said he would email that to me tonight...and I haven't gotten it. Yikes! My submission is due tomorrow, so I guess I'll have to try and whip something up while I'm studying for my French History final that I have at 8am tomorrow. Got to move along.

Speaking of's going to kill me. I've got the final at 8am, engagement pictures at 1:30pm, Tyson's graduation BBQ at 6:30pm, and I have to work again at 11pm. Doesn't really leave me much time for sleep. Which I desperately need right now. I'm hoping to be done with my final by 9am, run quick to the mall and get a shirt for pics, be home by 10am, grab a shower, grab a nap by 11am, get up at 12:30pm to get ready for pics, and leave the house by 1pm. Yeah. That sounds doable. Pics should last until 3:30pm, then I can race home by 4pm, grab a nap until 6pm, go to Tyson's, stay a bit, then maybe get another hour nap or so before I go to work. Yeah. It's gonna suck. But I'll move along.

Tyson's BBQ is a whole other issue causing me stress. His family is going to be there. Tyson's parents are awesome. I think they are great people...they are not very big fans of me. I've never met his sisters before, but I'm sure they are great people too. If they've gotten their impression of me from Mom & Dad...they probably won't be very big fans of me either. It's so hard for me to reconcile liking someone that openly dislikes you. I'm assuming that they are aware that I was invited and will be showing up, but I am so nervous about seeing them. I have spent the last 5 and a half months trying to be invisible on their radar, and now here I'll be this big giant blip right there front and center. It makes me want to cry, honestly. I hate that if something "goes wrong", Tyson will be in the middle of it. Just like every other time. I am definitely going, though. Show my love and support for Tyson. And who knows? Maybe this is the olive branch that I've been hoping might be outstretched. I'll just keep my keys close so that I can leave at a moment's notice.

And I'll keep moving along.

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