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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Mother's Day treated me well this year! Matt & Hunter took me out to dinner last night for Mother's Day to avoid the crowds today. We went to Santa Fe Red's for some super delicious Mexican food and a TO DIE FOR huckleberry margarita. Yum! Yum! I had to work last night, and Matt called me at precisely 12:00 midnight to tell me Happy Mother's Day. Too cute!

This afternoon after I woke up, Matt & Hunter gave me my mother's day present: the camera bag I've been wanting! It holds 2 SLR bodies with attached lenses, an additional 4-5 lenses, flashes, and accessories. I'm so excited. It's perfect for carrying all my equipment for when I go to San Francisco at the end of the month! I'm hoping to get some good shots while I'm there in case I get selected for that exhibition I applied for at school. I've got shot maps made up and some shots sketched out that I know that I want to get. Anal? Maybe just a bit! LOL I've got 20 rolls of color film and 5 rolls of black and white film all ready to go! :o) I plan on taking LOTS of pics! I'm excited because now that I have this fabulous bag, I can take both my camera bodies along and have one loaded with color film and the other loaded up with black and white. No more having to finish an entire roll of film before switching formats! Whoo-hooo! I can't wait. It's so going to totally rock.

Anyways, after I drooled over the bag for a good hour LOL, Matt barbequed me steaks and potatoes. Sooooo good! Then for dessert we had tiramisu. Mmmmmmmm! All & all a lovely day!

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Michelle said...

How sweet..what a nice Mothers Day!