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Monday, October 03, 2005

Are You F-in' Kidding Me??

So, I sit down this evening to enjoy a night of WWE RAW. Should be great, right? It's their big homecoming to the USA network, AND Matt Hardy has a match. Fab! So a little back story:

I got sucked into the drama that is the WWE way back in 1999 when it was still the WWF. Matt would turn it on and make me watch it because I HATED it. Too fake. Well, the whole soap opera part of things sucked me in! I had to tune in "just to see how (insert scenario here) turned out". Turns out the joke was on Matt - he didn't even LIKE wrestling! He just wanted to annoy me and now I was watching it 4 nights a week! It didn't hurt that the Hardy Boyz were HOT! Our pal Brook watched wrestling a lot too, so he and I went to a couple WWF events (including the Judgment Day pay-per-view!) and would watch it together. It was a sad day when Matt & I moved to a house that didn't get cable. I had to cut my viewing down to 1 night a week! Then between school and work, I kinda drifted away from the whole scene.

Flash forward to today, and I'm starting to watch it a bit more. I'm still a huge Hardy Boyz fan (with action figures and everything!), but Jeff doesn't wrestle with WWE anymore. I hear he's wrestling for TNA, but I haven't seen that one. Matt Hardy is still way hot and recently single! Long story short, Lita/Amy cheated on him with Edge/Adam, and so now I'm not a big fan of them anymore. Pretty shady doings when you consider Amy & Matt were talking about getting married and Adam already was married. But, bygones.

Tonight was Matt vs. Edge in a Ladder Match - and the loser has to leave RAW. I was totally confident that Matt would win. He was almost there until Hootchie of the Year Lita interfered with the match and Edge ended up winning. What the F---? I am pissed! Who the hell is in charge of these things? I would rather watch Matt than Edge any day. Sigh. So now I don't know what exactly is going to take place. Maybe Matt will move to Smackdown!, which I suppose is fine with me. Hopefully it doesn't mean that he is being released from the WWE again - I was way pissed when they did that earlier this year. Personally, I think Jeff needs to come back to the WWE and put the Hardy Boyz back on top as #1 tag team, then wreak some revenge on that bastard Edge.

Ugh. Leave it to the WWE to ruin my perfectly good evening.

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