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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

And the Hits Just Keep on Coming...

Well, it's official: This semester is going to totally suck! It's only the second day of classes, and I am already burnt out. My class schedule is as follows: Monday 8-12, Tuesday 10-4, Wednesday 9-12, Thursday 9-4, and Friday 9-12. I go straight from work to school so that I can find a parking spot within 78 miles of campus because when I tried to buy a Reserved Lot parking pass I was informed that there is a 3 year waiting list, so I just have your standard parking pass of which they sell over twice as many passes as there are spaces.

After the enchantment that is the parking situation at MSU, I settle in to classes which are as follows: Multicultural Education, History of America and the World Before 1865, Foundations of Educational Assessment, History of Gender in the U.S. and Canadian West, Mysteries of the Sky (a Physics/Astronomy class), History of the United States Since 1940, and World History. You know, easy classes. Sigh. Is my education over yet?

I'm sitting here at work, half asleep, which coincidentally is how I spent most of my classtime today as well. Something has got to give. And it's going to be me. I can't take any fewer classes at school without prolonging my student teaching/graduation. I can't not work because I need the money. Apparently, all I can give up is sleep and proper eating. Today I've had 4 hours of sleep and am running entirely on Red Bull and Power Bars. Go team! Oh well, perhaps this will help me lose even more weight. I've been entirely stoked to step on the scale and see that I have lost 11 pounds in the past 3 weeks!

So everyone raise your highly caffeinated beverages and energy bars because I would like to propose a toast: Here's to making it to Christmas alive!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

wow sounds like a very full schedule! good luck with school.