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Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh, Sebastian Bach, I Love You!

Could there be anyone hotter than Sebastian Bach? Um, I think no. He so rules your world. He's a metal god, he does Broadway, he's freaking gorgeous...

I mean come now...just LOOK at him! *Sigh* Fan-freaking-tastic! What brings this on you ask? I'm currently watching a Supergroup marathon on Vh1. And I watched I Married Sebastian Bach (for the 17th time) earlier so that I could delete it of my DVR. *Tear*

I am so enamored with his beauty. LOL Yeah, yeah, go on and laugh, but yes Sebastian Bach does in fact make me wax poetic. Those eyes, those lips, that hair, that voice.... Sebastian Bach for President in 2008! Anyone with me??


Cami said...

Yeah, pretty Yummalicious he is :)

Michelle said...

You're so funny.. yeah he's pretty ok :) and I love that song you got on here.. coooool