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Monday, March 27, 2006

My Latest Obssession (Hemmorage - Chris Daughtry)

I resisted American Idol for the first 2 seasons. I tuned in the third season just to watch the auditions and hear Simon rip the daylights out of all the horrid singers. But I kept tuning in just to see how some of the people did. Season 4 I tuned in and voted every night. Season 5 I DVR every episode. I don't always get to vote because I'm usually asleep because I have to go to work. Chris (the hottie you are watching above :oP) totally has to win this season. If he doesn't win...I'll be on a plane to Los Angeles to burn down the American Idol offices! I am way digging on how awesome this guy is. I actually have most of the songs that he has sang on Idol downloaded onto my iPod, plus a couple songs from his band Absent Element, too. I can't believe how awesome he did with Hemmorage, which is one of my favorite songs ever. Not to mention...have you noticed how hot he is? Holy guacamole Batman! I just want to lick him! LOL Matt was rather amused by that one. Hey a girl can look, right? :oP

1 comment:

Cami said...

Mmmmmmm!!! He is a hottie! hehehe