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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Lowdown...

So Saturday night was the awesomest EVER!! I having such a hard time putting it into words it was so good! Let's try, though...

So I meet up with Tyson about 7:30-ish on Saturday night at the Jackpot Casino. We share $5 worth of credits on the poker machine, where he spends his time giving me crap for trying to hit the inside straight or the flush (or frush as we call it :oP). Then we decided to go over to the Hoff Brau and grab a beer. We had fun there for a bit having this huge debate over happiness and it's relationship to money with another couple. Tyson & I were on the opposite end of the spectrum from Kevin & Jen, but it was all good. LOL We just agreed to disagree!

We started talking to this guy Tyson knows named C.B., and this crazy old guy kept freaking out that we were talking to C.B. It was crazy. Tyson kept telling him to just go sit down because he wasn't going to fight him. He wouldn't shut it up though, so we decided to just leave and check out somewhere else... Definitely a good call because I was way too close to knocking the old guy out! I couldn't believe it, though. This guy was literally like 70 years old! What in the heck was he thinking trying to start a fight with us? Tyson: 24, former football player & wrestler, compact/scrappy build. Me: 25, undefeated fight record, bad attitude. This guy wanted to take a swing at Tyson so bad. I flat out told him, "If you even try to hit my friend I will have you on the floor before you can connect."

So anyhoo, we left and went to the Crystal Bar to check out the action there. It was pretty busy, but boring. We were dancing to the Powerman 5000 and Marilyn Manson songs that were playing on the jukebox, and that's when it hit us. We NEEDED to go dancing! Tyson & I both love to dance (I actually call him my tiny dancer :oP), but we can never get anyone to go with us. LOL We figured we'd hit up Mixers, our new nightclub. It was pretty dead there, though, so we stayed for a beer and a couple dances then split. But we still had to find some real dancing! So we went to KO's Club because we heard that it was pretty bangin'. We found a spot on the dance floor and went to town! OMG Sooooo much fun. Tyson is a great dancer! Total blast to be with. At a couple points we actually had people around us stop their dancing to watch us go to town! The song on the ol' blog here is one of the ones we had an audience for. I don't think we spent more than a total of 5 minutes off of the dance floor. We ended up closing down the club!

The only sucky part of the night was when my car decided to die on Interstate 90 like a mile outside of town. Ugh! So we had to call Matt at 3am to come get us. He was not the most excited camper about that one, not that I blame him. We couldn't get it to start, so Tyson & I piled into the back of Matt's truck and we left the car on the side of the highway. We think it's a transmission issue, so we had it towed Sunday morning to the shop and are waiting to hear back on what the damage will be. Matt says if the repair cost is going to be too high, we'll just get a new car for me to drive - I'm holding out for a Lamborghini Diablo! LOL

Even with the car trouble at the end of the night, I still sit here and grin ear-to-ear like a big dork thinking about how much fun we had! We've already decided that we must do that again soon. Thank you, T, for the best night ever!


Michelle said...

sounds like fun.. even if the car did decide not to cooperate! :) glad you had such a great time.

Dawn said...

It sounds like you both had a ton of fun. Hope the car is fixed or is in the process. I love that song and just heard it yesterday...a new favorite. :)