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Monday, January 01, 2007

New Beginnings

It is hard to believe that another entire year has passed by me. 2006 was filled with trials and triumphs, heartbreak and love, breakdowns and redemption. I experienced some of the highest highs and the lowest lows that I could ever imagine. So many lessons were learned. So many battles fought. So much life lived. So much love shared. Instead of doing a blow-by-blow recap of how the year played out (since most of you know how it all went down anyways), I present to you in handy bulleted format - my 2006.

2006 Taught Me:

  • You can never love someone too much. But that doesn't mean everything will end up rainbows and lollipops. Sometimes love just isn't enough.
  • No matter how dark the clouds are over your head, eventually the sun will come out again.
  • Don't give up on the people you love, no matter how hard they make it to love them.
  • New friends can appear when you least expect it, and casual friends can become great friends when you aren't looking.

2006 Broke Me:

  • By destroying my greatest friendship, and only restoring it partially.
  • By forcing me to face my flaws, including the exaggerated version of those flaws presented to me by someone who hates me.
  • It chipped away at my faith in the bonds of family and friendship.

2006 Spoiled Me:

  • With the marriage I've been waiting for the past 10 years.
  • With a happy, healthy son who's growth and wisdom amazes me daily.
  • With friends new, old, and renewed that fill my lonely soul.

I wish you and yours a healthy, happy 2007 filled with love and prosperity.


Cami said...

Happy New Year Jen! I think you are wonderful and wish you much happiness in 2007 and always :)
{scrappy hugs}

a m y said...

Happy '07. '06 was a hell of a year, for both of us, but I'm so excited for this new year, and the opportunities it brings.

By the way, I love your poems below. Urban gridlock is a fabulous image!