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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Because Ellii & I Totally Rock Your World

My wedding ceremony is written! So are my vows. And my ceremony programs are made and formatted and faboo. How does one accomplish this magnitude of stuff you ask? Because I had to work last night...and Ellii stayed up all night....and because we so totally rule. There will be rivers named after us. On every continent. Why? Because people will want to be us, but they can't. So they will worship at the the banks of River Jenellii while facing the general direction of Colorado & Montana. Then they will feel more specialer. So there.

In other faboolous Jen news...I got my shoes for the wedding ordered today. On SALE even! Woop! I rock. LOL They are the greatest shoes ever. So not even wedding-ish shoes! But I love that because it means that I can actually wear them again. Besides....what's not to love about shoes that have 4" heels and come from a store that sells children's sized Marilyn Manson shirts? Hehehe. Yes, I LOVE Hot Topic! And because I know you are wondering...I did order Hunter a faboolous Marilyn Manson shirt! My family will be so so pleased to see him in it when we go to California.


Ellii said...

Man, we rule at EVERYTHING.
It's so awesome.
Esp at making vows sound sad and making people cry, we rule the most at that for sure.

Yes, I want the river named, soon. I leave in two days. Haha

- <3 Ellii

Cami said...

Yes, you girls totally rock! Glad things are rolling right along :)

Dawn said...

Cool shoes and you do rock!