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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Waiting is the Hardest Part

The waiting for these new meds to start working is killing me. I knew that until I got adjusted to them that they would make things a bit worse before they got better, but I am SOOO ready for the better to start! I know that I can do this. I CAN be strong enough to make it through this, but at this point I keep asking myself, "Do I even want to?" And the answer depends on what the medication is doing at that particular moment. I keep reading over the card that my therapist gave me that outlines all the reasons I have to get through this, but.... It's hard. It's REALLY hard. It's harder when some of the people that are supposed to be supporting you through it don't really understand what's going on. So rather than making it all about you, they are making it about themselves. I can't blame them totally - I don't totally understand it myself. I just wish that more of the people in my "support circle" were able to look past their own misunderstanding of the problem and just see me. I need someone to see ME.


Dawn said...

I see you Jen. If you ever need to talk, I'm hear for you. hugs!!

Cami said...

I'm totally here for ya Jen!
Ya know what??? "YOu got a friend in me" I need to sing the whole song for ya? cuz I will :D

Michelle said...

good luck Jen!